Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Post 6

Dr. Miller's Videos were very intriguing ;however I think that the first video could have been more creative. He did a really good job explaining the use of technology in the classroom. He seemed like he did a lot of research in order to come as far as he has.

I do agree with Dr. Miller about the need for developing a curriculum. We need a curriculum in order for us to use the technology. I like how Dr. Miller teaches students to produce multimedia instead of just consuming it.

Networked Student is a very creative video. I like how the video was drawed out like cartoon characters. I thought the video was inspiring. He used itunes which many professors recognized.

This video teaches many people how useful networks can be. It can open many doors for people. For his American Psy. class, he could voice his own opinion about things. I think that is very helpful, and I think because of this, he is getting a lot more out of the class.

Why does the networked student even need a teacher? She's the one that teaches him how to build the network and to take advantage of learning opportunities. The teacher guides the students when they get stuck. I do not think that I am prepared to be a teacher of a networked student because I still have so much to learn.

Michael Wesch's video relates to my personal life. He said he teaches students at Kansas, and then he goes on talking about how students are not engaged. This relates to my life because my classes are the same. Most of my classes are just lectures. I agree with Michael when he says that parents in the 70s say "I'm okay, your okay." He says they are very self-focused in this generation, which I do agree with him.

This also relates to me because sometimes I will catch my self saying "Whatever I'll do What I want." I can't believe I really do say that. It is very selfish. After watching this video, it made me realize how much the generations have changed. Overall, this was a very effective video.


  1. Good points Katie!

    Networking, communication, and the importance of collaboration are points made by all of these selections. You are correct that a big part of what a good teacher does is to guide studetns in all of these processes.

    Google - Lee Lefever. He is the master of the type of video used in the networked student. SS

  2. Hey I really enjoyed reading your post. I also enjoyed watching the networked student. I really liked the approach they took to showing the information. I think I never realized how connected we really were until watching this video.