Tuesday, June 15, 2010



This blog gave me a lot of information that will help me make my podcast. Because of reasing this, I now know what a "podcast" actually is. A podcast is pretty much like a talk-show but you can add music as well. They can convey information about any subject.

This video linked to a Youtube video which shows how to make a podcast. You have to download Audacity but this is free. To check out this video click How To Make A Podcast

Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom Video

This video gives the benefits of having podcasts. One of the greatest benefits is when students are sick, they can still be able to learn what they have missed. It provides releveant information even when they are on the go. They can even have their podcast added to their itunes.

Many of his students loved the podcasting in the classroom. It makes learning fun and interactive. Students have the ability to listen to their teachers whenever they like.

Eagles' Nest Radio $ Class Blog
I really enjoyed reading the Eagles' Nest class blog. I loved listening to their audio MP3. I thought that was very interesting. I really enjoyed the Shark-tastic interview. I liked listening about the Ancient Romans and their architecture.

My reaction to their blog was WOW! These kids seem to know much more about blogs than I do. They know how to add music and their voices to the blog. These children amaze me. I think these kids will be able to carry all of what they know to their future.

Langwitches Blog

I really enjoyed reading this blog. I loved thier creativity and theme of their Blog which is "the magic of learning." What was shocking to me was how 1st graders know about podcasting and I do not. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their blog "A worldwide Audience for Six Year Olds."
In this blog contained benefits of students practicing their skills. Some benefits are listening, speaking, and technology. This gives each of the parents reasons why kids need to be able to use the internet. From their class blog, they recieved feedbacks from many other countries.


  1. I defintiely like the video about the benefits of podcasting in the classroom. I would have really liked to have it when I was in high school to have one. There would have been many assignments that I missed that I would not have if I would have had one. Great Job!

  2. The benefits of using a Podcast in a educational environment are limitless. You seem to have gotten the jest of this by the sound of your post. I to am very excited about this EDM310 class and the information I have and will learn. Dr. Strange is an amazing "coach"! I hope be as effective in my classroom. He encourages individual thought, but will guide you back, lovingly, if you get too far off base.

  3. "My reaction to their blog was WOW!" Mine too!

    You will find that your students often know more about technology than you do. Learn from them! And then practice your new skills. That's what it takes. Practice.

    Keep up your good work! Thanks for your dedicated participation.

  4. You need titles for all your posts. Please go back and add titles for all posts. It is very confusing without titles. Thanks.