Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mr. Winkle wakes by Matthew Needleman

Mr. Winkle is from the past. He wakes up and is now in the future. Waking up to the future, he does not recognize the noises coming from the buildings in the city. He goes to the hospital and does not understand why or how people are living off of machines. The only thing Mr. Winkle does recognize is the classroom in the school. One of the reasons why he recognizes the classroom is because there is no technology. He also recognizes it because all that is going on is lecturing and writing.

This video is very realistic and true especially for our culture today. Today, almost everything we do involves us learning our new type of technology. For example, we have to learn how to drive, use our cell phones, our labtops and many other devices. Because of the new and advanced technology, classrooms should have technology. Everywhere Mr.Winkle went had a type of machine except in the classroom. This should make people realize that maybe it is a time for change.

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