Friday, June 4, 2010

Did You Know? by Karl Fisch

This video gives many facts that many people do not know about. One of the facts states "The 25% of India's population with the highest IQ's is greater than the total population of the U.S." The U.S does not challenge their students as they should. They undermine our capabilities. Another fact is that children are being prepared for jobs that do not even exist yet and they have been using technologies that have not been invented yet so they will be able to solve problems that are not even yet known.

These facts in this video were unbelievable yet true. Not only is our populationg growing but also technology. As time goes on jobs will become more scarce. People will not be able to work with the new technology because it is doubling every two years. What the future holds for the U.S, many do not know.

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  1. Katie,

    I definitely think you understood the videos, but I was wondering if you have more personal insight into these problems we are facing. You stated that "the U.S. does not challenge their students as they should. They undermine our capabilities." How do you think the U.S. is doing this? I do not disagree with your answer, but I feel like this is a strong statement, and it should be backed up with evidence. I do think that creativity should have a greater impact in our schools, but I also think that students are challenged with different areas in life. There are teachers out there that challenge their students and desire to see their students improve and succeed in life.