Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Personal Reflection

First of all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have never had a class that was as hands on as this class. I could actually use my skills and creativity ,and I could voice my own opinion about things. There are many things that I could NOT do before this class ,but now I know how to do many of them. I never knew what a "blog" was until this class. I have enjoyed my blog because I like communicating with others. I really enjoyed reading the teachers and kids blogs and just being able to communicate with others around the world. You can learn many new and great things just by talking to others across the world. I never knew what a PLN was until this class, or how to upload videos, or delicious. I did not know much about technology until this class ,and how useful the internet actually is.

Before this class, I always thought of me being a teacher ,however I never really looked at having my students use technology. It never really crossed my mind. However; because of this class, I have such a different outlook on how I will teach my students. I want my students to be able to use technology, and the internet. I want them to use blogs so they can communicate with others. I want them to be engaged in learning and interested also I want them to have fun at the same time. I know by the time I become a teacher, there will be even more new and advanced technology, so I will do what it takes for my students to be able to use technology. Kids need to be able to use their creativity, skills and talents they have. By me just lecturing, I feel like the kids are not learning, and I am not doing my job. And being a teacher isn't really a job for me because I love working with kids.

I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to take this class. Many classes need to be more like EDM 310. I am also thankful for having Dr. Strange as a teacher. He has been very helpful. Also, Anthony, Jamie and Mr.Tashbin have been very helpful.

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  1. I am glad EDM310 has had such a positive effect on you! Keep in touch and let us know how it continues to affect what you do as a student and as a teacher.