Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I've Learned This Year

The 7th Graders PLE was very neat and had cool effects. Her PLE is very organized and it is in some way similar to mine. We both communicate with others using facebook and other social networks. We both use google docs to create projects instead of using paper. I use the internet just like her to find out lots of new information that I do not know. My PLN has been very helpful to me and it seems like it has been very helpful to her too as well.

My Sentence

"I'm living life to the fullest and never looking back because there's a reason for my future and a reason for my past."

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  1. Hey Katie,
    I love your sentence! It is such a good way to live your life. I agree that there is always a reason for what we been through and what we will go through. Your sentence is very inspiring.