Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I've Learned This Year

I think it's great that Mr. McClung shared his experience as being a teacher for his first year. He seems like a teaher who actually gets his students involved instead of just lecturing back and forth, and we need more teachers like that. He encourages his students to do their best, and he listens to them. When they mess up or get knocked down, he picks them back up. I think it's great when he said "don't be afraid of technology, technology is our friend." Today and in the future, students need to be able to use and learn the advances of technology. If students have the opportunity, then they should use it.


  1. Hi Katie,
    Mr.McClung loves to get his students involved. I agree with you technology should be our friend. Good Job!

  2. Mr. McClung has Skyped EDM31twice. The Skype session last fall did not record well, but I will make the other available. He is a fascinating person. Maybe I can get him to share his reflections about Year 2 with us.

  3. You're right Katie. If studetns have the opportunity they will use technology. We must make sure our students have the opportunity to use the best tools available for learning. Mr. McClung is inspirational. I remember the last Skype session with him that Dr. Strange was talking about. Once he gets it posted go check it out. SS