Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mrs.Cassidy's Video

I really enjoyed watching how Ms.Cassidy's approach of using technology in a classroom. When I become a teacher, I will use the Smartboard for interaction with the kids. As seen in my previous video, I do not think Smartboards are useful with older kids; however I want to teach the second grade, so I think a Smartboard is a good way for students to learn. I also would use computers.

In the video, the students used the computers for great edcational sites such as reading. I think this is a great way for students to learn. I also think it's great how they use blogs and skype. The students can communicate with other students and learn from them I will use this because students need to be able how to use technology since it is growing so fast. Also, I think it's great how the students would make their own videos. Not only were they interested ,but they were learning as well.


  1. Excellent points Katie. She does keep these kids interested. Even though the technology is outstanding we must not loose sight of the fact that a good teacher (coach) does make a big difference. Ms. Cassidy is a good example of this. Without her to guide this show all the technology would be just stuff. SS

  2. Hi Katie,

    I like smartboards as well, and I agree with you that they would be better used in the lower level classrooms. One thing I picked up on was that the students in this video were learning to write using blogging. That concept blew my mind. Great Post!