Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have really enjoyed my PLN. I have been able to communicater with many other people around the world. I also use my blog to communicate with others. Delicious has helped my things organized. I mostly use facebook. Facebook gives me the opportunity to catch up with my old friends ,and it gives me an opportunity to meet new people.


  1. Hi Katie

    Excellent graphic. i like what you are doing on your PLN. But, remember, a PLN is not only in the online environment. Think about places you go to learn, people you collaborate with, your advisor, books you refer too, study partners, etc. These kinds of things should also be included. SS

  2. Good job Katie! This program that you have used is such a cute way to keep organized! I use Symbaloo which is very colorful as well. And of course I also use Facebook to help keep up with friends and family.